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John J. Morena

Director, Maglev 2000

John Morena is a Director of Maglev 2000 and the Danby Powell Maglev Technology Corporation, where he also serves as Vice-President for Advance Planning.

John J. Morena is a business and technology development, manufacturing and technology transfer primary technical advisor and the author of the text, "Advanced Composite Mold Making", which is sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers. As a principal of materials and process engineering organizations, as well as consultant for many corporations he has set up, advised and directed business development, managed major infrastructure projects, learning centers, manufacturing and advanced composite mold making including structural parts programs.

Mr. Morena has also played key roles in education, manufacturing, composite applications for the high energy physics, fusion, superconductivity, Navy and military composites programs, recycling, Maglev, transportation, medical, the automotive, shipbuilding, marine, sporting goods, aircraft and aerospace industries, ports, waterfront, civil engineering, construction and infrastructure. He has recently served as the Technical Director for composites manufacturing programs at a South Florida University. He was recently selected for the Marquis 55th edition of Who's Who in America, Who's Who in Finance and Industry, and Who's Who in The World. He holds various patents in the art of reinforced plastics, composites and superconductivity, is the author of many technical papers on advanced composite materials and processes and also contributed a chapter on "Composite MoldMaking to the International Encyclopedia of Composites," published by VCH Publishing Company.

Mr. Morena recently completed the "Advanced Composites World Reference Dictionary" for Krieger Publishing Company. Mr. Morena recently completed work as materials and processes primary technical advisor for the NASA, JSC Crew Return Vehicle, X38 Space Plane Program in Houston, Texas. He is also an international advisor to various research organizations and industries within the E.C. Mr. Morena is the Technology Director for the American Composites Manufacturing Learning Center, a non-profit training, technology transfer and research organization located in Stuart, Florida and the President of ACE Inc., a business and technology development, program management, technology transfer and consulting firm.

Mr. Morena was recently the materials and processes primary technical advisor for the Magnet and Accelerator Divisions of the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory, Dallas, Texas, as well as involved in other high-energy physics programs and national laboratory research.

Mr. Morena was an industry advisor to the Texas Research Laboratory Commission, superconductivity and cryogenics technology programs development. The Department of Energy through the Universities Research Association has awarded ACE, Inc. the worldwide, exclusive license to develop and disseminate a 3-D automated, superconducting and conventional conductor manufacturing process.


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