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We need better transport systems that increase mobility, reduce energy demand, particularly for fossil fuels, and reduce environmental damage. Present modes of transport - autos, trucks, airplanes, railroads, buses, pipelines, and ships - can be improved, but only marginally. Such improvements will not solve the long term problems - decreasing fossil fuel resources, global warming, and the billions of people in the developing nations who need better transportation

As the world's population and living standards rise, transport systems are ever more stressed. We see signs of a looming crisis. Congestion on the highways and airways is increasing and mobility - how rapidily and reliably we can move people and goods - is decreasing. The cost of energy is rising while the resource base is eroding. Damage to the environment - pollution and the contribution of carbon dioxide to global warming, and the loss of land to roadways - is also increasing

Maglev is the best way to move people and goods in the 21st Century. Maglev offers dramatic improvements in speed and mobility, efficiency, and energy independence. Maglev offers major cost savings for passengers and freight. Maglev is environmentally friendly - it is non-polluting, uses less land, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

The Maglev 2000 is dedicated to making maglev the major mode of transportation for the 21st Century. The construction of a National Maglev Network would save hundreds of billions of dollars annually in transport costs and bring major gains in productivity through cost reductions, faster delivery time, and minimization of congestion delays. Maglev's environmental benefits to the US will be even more important.

Achieving this goal requires developing maglev systems whose cost of construction is low and that have low operating costs. Demonstrating this performance on revenue generating maglev systems - a goal achievable within the next few years - will result in maglev becoming the major mode of transport in the 21st Century.


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