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There is an extensive network of conventional railroad lines in the United States that amounts to hundreds of thousands of miles. Much of this trackage is no longer in use, or completely abandoned. Much of the remaining track is used only a few times a week.

This unused trackage offers a unique opportunity for rapid implementation of maglev in the US. Levitated guideways for high speed intercity maglev vehicles could use this trackage, particularly in the congested areas surrounding metropolitan centers. This would allow intercity maglev guideways to enter urban regions without disrupting the existing infrastructure and inhabitants.

The unused railroad trackage can also be used for suburban Maglev systems that operate at moderate speeds - for example, to a maximum of approximately 150 mph.

Maglev 2000 has patented a new concept for suburban maglev that can operate directly on existing railroad trackage. This system, termed MERRI (Maglev Emplacement on RailRoad Infrastructure) allows maglev vehicles to use the trackage without interfering with, or requiring the reconstruction of, the existing trackage.

Thin panels containing the MERRI guideway loops are attached to the ends of the existing wooden railroad ties. The MERRI panels interact with the magnets on the maglev vehicles, levitating it as it moves along the track. The panels are located so that they do not interfere with the rails or the operation of conventional railroad locomotives and rail cards. Accordingly, the MERRI system could even be put into place on trackage that was still in operation, but only infrequently. This is the case for a substantial fraction of the US rail system that is still in operation.

The cost of converting existing trackage to the M-2000 MERRI System is projected to be low, only a few million dollars per mile. After conversion, the line could operate early as a maglev only line, or as a dual maglev/conventional rail line, depending on traffic revenues and requirements.

(All railroad map images were produced by modification of images generated with US Railroad Map Software)

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