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Intercity truck transport is an enormous business in the United States. We spend over 260 billion dollars annually on intercity truck transport, more than four times the amount spent on intercity passenger transport.

Many of these intercity trucks move on Interstate Highway routes, such as US-80 (New York to Chicago), US-95 Boston to Florida), and US-5 (San Diego to San Francisco) and other highways. A daily 2-way traffic of 10,000 trucks or more - on some routes 20,000 trucks - is common. The trucks often form an almost continuous line, with as many trucks on the highway as automobiles.

The M-2000 maglev system can transport freight containers and truck trailers in a faster, lower cost, safer, and less polluting manner than if they traveled on the highway. The same M-2000 guideway that transports passenger vehicles can also transport vehicles that carry a truck trailer.

Using the M-2000 National Maglev Network, a trucking company would pick up a loaded trailer at its origin and drive it a few miles to the nearest maglev station. There it would be loaded into a maglev vehicle, to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to the maglev station closest to its destination, where a tractor would pickup the trailer and drive it a few miles to its delivery point.

The advantages to shippers, truck drivers, and consumer are enormous. The cost of shipping would be reduced substantially, benefiting shippers and consumers; the delivery time would be much shorter - hours rather than days for a cross-country trip; and the highways would be safer, less congested and not subject to the massive damage caused by heavy trucks.


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